Top 10 business schools in Africa 2024

Top 10 business schools in Africa 2024

business schools in Africa

As an aspiring entrepreneur or professional, attending a reputable business school can have a transformative effect on your career. There is no denying that when pursuing a master’s in business administration (MBA) or advanced business degree, especially in business schools in Africa, you face a significant decision. 

Therefore, in this vast sea of options, it is crucial to single out the best environment that caters to your needs and has the overall potential to lead to a better return on investment for your future earning potential and career advancement. Some of the highest-paid CEOs in Nigeria attended a few of these business schools.

This article introduces you to the top 10 African business schools and promises to provide further details on their MBA program costs, admission procedures, and Entry requirements in the subsequent sections.  

Let’s begin.

Top 10 Business Schools in Africa

In this section, you will be guided through selecting the top business school in Africa that aligns with your goals and aspirations, ensuring that your investment yields the best possible returns regarding knowledge, opportunities, and lifelong connections. 

1. Gordon Institute of Business Science – South Africa  

Gordon Institute of Business Science – South Africa

GIBS is the Gordon Institute of Business Science, a faculty of the University of Pretoria. Its core focus is on equipping general managers to lead successful organizations in the African context, emphasizing positive behavioural change and impact in management education. GIBS boasts of producing leaders who are agile, inclusive, and global in their thinking. 

Location: Illovo, Johannesburg, near the Sandton business hub. 

Ranking: Top 100 business schools globally – Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings.

Price Points for MBA: R348 933 for two years, 

Duration: 2 years 

Admission Process

  1. Complete the online application form 
  1. Verify the correctness of the information you provided on the form. 
  1. Submit your application. 
  1. Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt email with your student number. 
  1. The faculty and academic department will consider your application. 
  1. You can track the outcome of your application via the UP Student Centre. 

Entry Requirements

A relevant honours degree or postgraduate diploma. A relevant bachelor’s degree at NQF Level 8 may also be recognized. 

2. Wits Business School – South Africa 

Wits Business School – South Africa 

Wits Business School is the graduate school of business administration at the University of the Witwatersrand. They offer various postgraduate academic and executive education programs and tailor-made in-company programs to enhance management capacity. The program combines cutting-edge theory with practical application. 

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Price Points for MBA: R102 740 

Duration: 24 months 

Admission Process

1. Complete an Online Application form on the provided link. 

2. Pay a non-refundable application fee of R200. 

3. Upload copies of all tertiary qualifications. 

4. Upload a current CV. 

5. Take an admission test (shortlisted candidates only). 

6. A minimum deposit of R15,000 will be required upon acceptance. 

Entry Requirements

1. NQF level 8 qualification. 

2. Minimum four years of post-university work experience. 

3. Acceptable GMAT, NMAT score, or WBS Admission Test. 

4. Mathematics competency. 

5. SAQA evaluation for international qualifications. 

6. Proof of English language proficiency (for non-English tertiary level students). 

7. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) candidates are required to write the NMAT test. 

MBA Programs

1. Management 

2. Accounting 

3. Economics 

4. Technology & Operations 

5. Strategy 

6. Organisational Design 

7. Critical Skills 

8. Society & Collective Action 

9. Marketing in a Connected World 

10. Finance & Investment 

11. Entrepreneurship 

12. Business Integration 

13. Case Competition 

3. Lagos Business School (LBS) – Nigeria 

Lagos Business School (LBS) - Nigeria

Lagos Business School (LBS) is a renowned institution offering a Modular MBA program. Situated in the bustling city of Lagos, LBS is committed to providing quality education in business management and preparing students for successful careers in the field. 

Location: Lekki Epe Expressway, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria 

Price Points for MBA: N3,600,000 per session. 

Duration of MBA Program: 24 months 

Admission Process

1. Complete an online application form. 

2. Obtain three reference forms completed within the online application by referees. 

3. Provide copies of O’Level and university degree certificates (statements of results are acceptable). 

4. Submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV). 

5. Nigerians must provide a copy of the NYSC Certificate or Letter of Exemption. 

6. Non-native English speakers are advised to take either the TOEFL or IELTS  

7. Include a passport photograph with your application. 

Entry Requirements

  • Satisfactory performance in a specified test (ESA, NMAT, GMAT, or GRE). 
  • A minimum of three years of post-qualification work experience. 
  • Sometimes, applicants must hold at least a second-class lower degree or a postgraduate diploma. 
  • Five credit passes (including English and Mathematics at the Ordinary Level for Anglophone applicants). 

4. School of Business (AUC) – Egypt

School of Business (AUC) - Egypt

It would interest you to know that the American University in Cairo’s (AUC) School of Business has earned the prestigious triple-crown accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), and the Association of MBAs). 

Students can choose between two career prospect tracks—the Corporate Advancement track and the Entrepreneurship track—to tailor their learning journey. The multicultural learning experience at AUC’s School of Business is enriched by its diverse student and faculty body from various parts of the world. Moreover, students can broaden their horizons through study abroad programs with partner universities.

Location: Cairo, Egypt 

Price Points for MBA: The tuition rate per credit hour is $667 for undergraduate Egyptian students and $735 for undergraduate international students. 

Special Rankings for the MBA program

1. Second place in the Executive MBA program in Africa for 2022-2023 (Eduniversal Ranking). 

2. Top position in the MBA Program – Elective in Operations Management in Africa for 2022-2023 (Eduniversal Ranking). 

3. Ranked fourth in the MBA category in the Middle East and Africa Region for 2023 (QS Ranking). 

Admission Process

1. Complete the Graduate Admission application by the specified deadlines. 

2. The admission evaluation process includes: 

   – Reviewing academic records 

   – Evaluating evidence of English proficiency 

   – Considering test scores (if applicable) 

   – Assessing work experience 

   – Taking into account faculty advocacy 

   – Checking references 

   – Conducting interviews and more. 

Entry Requirements for Application

1. Possessing an accredited Bachelor’s degree with a solid academic record. 

2. Depending on the program, proof of academic English proficiency might be necessary. 

3. While not mandatory, providing GRE or GMAT test scores is recommended. 

4. A minimum of three years of pertinent professional experience. 

5. Additional factors, such as faculty recommendations and personal interviews, may also be considered during the evaluation process. 

5. Strathmore University Business School – Kenya 

Strathmore University Business School – Kenya

Strathmore University Business School (SBS) presents an innovative Modular MBA program strategically crafted to provide a dynamic learning experience tailored to the diverse needs of individuals and organizations in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape. This program is meticulously designed to accommodate and benefit 3l distinct groups of aspiring business leaders:

1. Entry RequirementsFull-Time Enthusiasts: Entry Requirements For those passionate about pursuing a full-time MBA experience but find the evening program challenging.

2. Entry RequirementsGlobal Professionals: Entry Requirements Geared towards professionals working beyond the borders of Nairobi, Kenya, who aspire to attain a world-class MBA without compromising their international commitments. 

3. Entry RequirementsBusy Professionals: Entry Requirements Crafted to cater to individuals juggling demanding work schedules that often deter them from engaging in daily classroom learning. 

Location: Nairobi, Kenya 

Price Points for MBA: The program fee for the Modular MBA is 1,962,900. 

Duration of MBA Program years. 

Entry Requirements for Application

1. Managerial Experience: Applicants must possess at least two years of managerial experience, underscoring the program’s focus on cultivating business leadership skills. 

2. Graduate Entrance Exam (GEE) or GMAT: To secure admission, candidates must successfully pass the Graduate Entrance Exam (GEE). Alternatively, they can present GMAT results that are less than four years old as an acceptable substitute for the GEE. 

3. Academic Qualifications: Candidates should hold either of the following qualifications: 

   – First or Upper Second Class Honours degrees in relevant academic fields from recognized universities, demonstrating a solid academic foundation. 

   – For candidates with Lower Second Class degrees, the following conditions apply: 

     – Completion of postgraduate diplomas or certificates at a diploma level or equivalent. 

     – A minimum GMAT score of at least 500 points to showcase aptitude and readiness for the program. 

Admission Process and Requirements

1. Updated CV: A comprehensive and up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) that outlines your academic and professional background, work experience, achievements, and other relevant information. 

2. Two Reference Letters: Applicants are expected to submit two reference letters: 

   – One Professional Reference Letter: This should come from someone in a professional capacity who can vouch for your skills, work ethic, and suitability for the MBA program. 

   – One Personal/Academic Reference Letter: This letter should be from someone who attests to your character, academic abilities, or personal qualities that make you a strong candidate for the program. 

3. Copies of Degree Certificates and Transcripts: Provide copies of your certificates and transcripts from your previous academic institutions. These documents demonstrate your academic qualifications and achievements. 

4. High School/A-Level Certificate: Include a copy of your High School or A-Level certificate, which serves as a record of your secondary education. 

5. Two Passport-Size Photographs: Submit two recent passport-size photographs per the program’s requirements. 

6. Copy of ID/Passport: Include a copy of your identification document, such as an ID card or passport, to verify your identity. 

6. University of Ghana Business School – Ghana 

University of Ghana Business School – Ghana

The University of Ghana offers a diverse student body representing various countries and cultures. The Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO) at the university is committed to providing financial aid to qualified Ghanaian undergraduate applicants with limited finances.

Additionally, the Office of International Programmes actively encourages the participation of international students through direct enrollment and exchange programs, with a current international student body comprising over 1,500 students from more than 71 countries. 

Location: Ghana 

Price Points for MBA: Averages at 7,780 GHC, with Masters of Public Administration costing an average of 23,584 GHC 

Duration of MBA Program: 24 months 

MBA Programs 

1. MBA Accounting 

2. MBA Finance 

3. MBA Human Resource Management 

4. MBA Marketing 

5. MBA Management Information Systems 

6. MBA Health Services Management 

7. Faculty of Management, University of Johannesburg – South Africa 

Faculty of Management, University of Johannesburg - South Africa

The Faculty of Management at the University of Johannesburg offers a comprehensive MBA program covering various business subjects.

Its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of running an organization in today’s dynamic business environment. The University of Johannesburg, situated in vibrant Johannesburg, also offers a multicultural and energetic learning environment. 

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa 

Price Points for MBA: The total program fees for the MBA program amount to R204,460.  

Duration of MBA Program:  2 years  

Admission Process and Entry Requirements

1. Honors Degree in a relevant field (NQF Level 8) with an overall average of 60%. 

2. A PGDip in Management, PGDip in Business Management, PGDip in Business Administration, or related NQF Level 8 qualifications with an overall average of 60%. 

3. A cognate Bachelor’s Degree equivalent at NQF level 8. 

4. Proof of English language proficiency (for students who have yet to study at the tertiary level in English). 

5. A minimum of 4 years of work experience at an appropriate level (with a minimum of two years of managerial experience). 

6. Applicants may be required to take a JBS Admission Test (Psychometric Test). 

Additional Entry Requirements for International Students: 

– Send qualifications for evaluation to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) before applying to JBS. 

MBA programs 

1. People Management in the New World of Work 

2. Competitive Strategy: Winning in the Digital Marketplace 

3. Accounting 

4. Financial Management 

5. Digital Technologies 

6. Economics and International Business 

7. Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Digital Age 

8. Contemporary Management 

9. Advanced E-Commerce Platforms for Entrepreneurship 

10. Advanced Digital Marketing 

11. Leadership in the Digital Economy 

12. Ethics in the Digital Economy 

13. Consulting Skills 

14. Quantitative Methods and Data Analytics 

These modules provide students with a well-rounded education in various aspects of business operations, preparing them for leadership roles in the digital economy. 

8. Stellenbosch Business School – South Africa 

Stellenbosch Business School - South Africa

Stellenbosch Business School holds AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA accreditations, demonstrating its commitment to delivering a high-quality MBA program. Students can broaden their horizons with an International Study Module at prestigious international business schools, gaining a valuable global perspective.

Four distinct MBA streams are available: Generalist MBA, Managing International Organisations, Health Care Leadership, and Project Portfolio Management. 

Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Price Points: Ranging from R316,864 to R368,254 for South African students and higher fees for international students. 

Duration: 2 years 

Admission Process and Requirements

The admission process for the MBA program at the University of Johannesburg involves several steps. Here is an overview of the process: 

1. Academic Qualifications

   – Applicants should have one of the following academic qualifications: 

     – A 4-year Bachelor’s degree (NQF level 8) 

     – An Honours/Postgraduate degree (NQF level 8) 

     – A 3-year Bachelor’s degree (NQF level 7) plus a postgraduate diploma (NQF level 8). 

2. Work Experience

 – A minimum of 3 years of full-time work experience in a relevant field is mandatory. 

– Ideally, candidates should possess managerial-level experience. 

3. CV and Essays

   – Applicants must provide a comprehensive CV outlining their work experience and qualifications. 

   – They must complete two essays ranging from 300 to 500 words. These essays should demonstrate motivation and working experience.

4. Selection Tests

   – Satisfactory results in selection tests are necessary for admission. These tests may include the SHL assessment or GMAT assessment. 

MBA Programs

1. Generalist MBA: A comprehensive MBA program encompassing many business subjects. 

2. Managing International Organisations: Focuses on leadership and management in international settings. 

3. Health Care Leadership: Designed for professionals in the healthcare sector aspiring to leadership roles. 

4. Project Portfolio Management: Concentrates on effective project management and leadership. 

9. University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business – South Africa 

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business – South Africa

UCT GSB emphasizes personal leadership development, fostering competencies that empower students to lead effectively in business. Students gain international exposure, broadening their perspectives and understanding of global business dynamics.

UCT GSB equips students with unique and practical managerial knowledge and tools, enabling them to excel in management roles. Graduates experience accelerated career advancement, with increased earning potential and opportunities for more significant social impact. 

Location: Cape Town, South Africa 

Duration: The MBA program at Stellenbosch Business School offers flexibility in its duration: 

– Full-time Program: Completed over one year. 

– Modular Format: Spread across two years to accommodate working professionals.

Price point: The cost of the MBA program is R 304,010*. Additionally, there is an application fee of 2070 ZAR / 300 USD.  

Entry Requirements 

  •  Be 25 years or older. 
  • Have a minimum of three years of relevant work experience. 
  • Demonstrate fluency in spoken and written English. 
  • Submit an official score from a recognized standardized assessment, such as GMAT, NMAT, Executive Assessment, or GRE. 
  • Hold a minimum NQF level 8 qualification, which includes a Bachelor’s Honours degree or Postgraduate Diploma. 

Application process

1. Complete an online application form provided by the Stellenbosch Business School. 

2. Submit a comprehensive CV. 

3. Provide two referee reports as part of the application. 

4. Write three motivation essays as specified by the school. 

5. Selected applicants will be invited to participate in an interview during the admission process.

10. Milpark Business School – South Africa

Milpark Business School South Africa

Milpark’s MBA program focuses on exemplary performance that exemplifies ethical and sustainable business practices. Graduates are equipped to lead with a vital concern for humanity and the environment.

Rooted in ethical leadership and sustainability principles, this MBA program provides students with advanced strategic management skills while emphasizing social responsibility, environmental awareness, and corporate citizenship.

Milpark’s MBA curriculum is tailored to prepare graduates for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, fostering ethical leadership for the common good. 

Location: South Africa 

Price Points  

Duration of MBA Program: 2 years  

Admission Process: 

Entry Route 1

– Hold an accredited postgraduate diploma, honours degree, or a four-year Bachelor’s degree (Level 8) or equivalent. 

– Be at least 25 years old. 

– Achieve an acceptable rating in the admission assessment. 

– Possess a minimum of three to four years of relevant work experience. 

– Demonstrate proficiency in English (proof may be required for international students). 

– Have computer and internet literacy. 

– Submit a one-page essay and a CV. 

– Participate in an interview with the Programme Manager during the selection process. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Entry Route 2

– Limited admission for exceptional cases. 

– Applicants should be 40 years old or older. 

– Require 15–20 years of relevant work experience. 

– Hold a Senior Management or Executive position. 

– Note: RPL admissions are subject to availability and limited to 10% of the total intake. 

For International Students

– Proficiency in English is required for admission. 

– Applicants with certificates other than South African qualifications need a SAQA Certificate of Equivalence for postgraduate enrollment. 

Milpark Business School’s Programs

– Multi-disciplinary MBA program accredited by AMBA. 

– Emphasis on social responsibility, the environment, and corporate citizenship. 

– Small, interactive classes offered online and in person. 

– Designed for self-driven, ambitious, and career-oriented individuals. 

Why attend a business school? 

In today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive business landscape, pursuing higher education has become not merely a choice but a strategic necessity. 

In this section, we’ll explore the compelling reasons to consider attending a business school, emphasizing its advantages in career advancement, specialization, global exposure, entrepreneurship focus, networking, leadership development, and contributions to research and innovation.  

Why You Should Get an MBA

 1. Career Advancement

An MBA degree is a passport to career advancement. In Africa, where competition for leadership roles is fierce, an MBA can provide the edge needed to ascend the corporate ladder or succeed as an entrepreneur.

Regardless of your undergraduate degree, pursuing an MBA can significantly enhance your prospects of securing a rewarding career in the corporate world. 

2. Specialization

African MBA programs offer various specializations, allowing you to align your education with your career goals. MBA programs in Africa offer a variety of disciplines, ranging from finance and marketing to healthcare management and agribusiness. This allows students to tailor their education to their specific career goals. 

3. Global Perspective

Many African MBA programs offer global exposure through partnerships and study-abroad opportunities. Many African MBA programs have international partnerships, faculty exchanges, and study-abroad opportunities.  

4. Networking

Networking is invaluable in Africa’s relationship-based business environment. MBA programs enable networking opportunities, connecting students with alumni, industry leaders, and potential business partners.  

5. Leadership Development

MBA programs often focus on leadership development, equipping students with essential skills in decision-making, team management, and strategic thinking. 

6. Entrepreneurship Skills

Business degrees equip you with problem-solving and leadership skills crucial for entrepreneurship. Additionally, it provides fresh perspectives on the world and fosters the development of essential leadership abilities that can contribute to the growth of your businesses. 

Making your decision

In Africa, a wide variety of top-notch business schools offer students a comprehensive business education and prepare them for leadership roles on a global scale. Choosing the right business school undoubtedly provides unmatched opportunities for success in the business realm. 

With this article, we hope you have been empowered to make well-informed educational choices as you consider your future in business. Good luck! 

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