Cowrywise review: is it any good?

Cowrywise review: is it any good?


Thinking about using Cowrywise to manage your finances? Read our detailed review to find out if this personal finance tool lives up to its promises. Discover its features, ease of use, and whether it’s worth your time and trust. 

Compared to what we had years ago, technology companies like Cowrywise have made the investment process very seamless. Thanks to these wealth-tech companies, investments are now easily accessible to almost anyone and everyone.

In the ever-evolving landscape of wealth-tech, Cowry-Wise has emerged as a player in the world of personal finance management. But does it live up to the hype? In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Cowry-Wise, exploring its features, usability, and overall performance to help you determine if it’s a good fit for your financial needs. 

The app Cowrywise 

Cowrywise is a financial management platform designed to make handling your money easier. It’s been making waves in the personal finance world, and we wanted to dive in to see if it lives up to the hype.  

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store. Downloads are at over 10,000, with reviews of over 8000 and an Appstore rating of 4.4 stars.

Basic Features of the Cowrywise App

1. Savings and Investment

Now, this is where Cowrywise shines. It lets you set savings goals and invest in various options like mutual funds and government bonds right from the platform. It’s a great way to put your money to work and watch it grow over time. It not only offers naira investments but also offers dollar investments.

2. Financial Education

Cowry-Wise isn’t just a tool; it’s your financial educator too. The app gives you personalized financial advice based on your goals and spending patterns. It’s like having a financial guru in your pocket.

Product Offerings 

Product Features 
Savings plans Investment plans 
Basic savings  Mutual funds 
Group savings (Circles) Halal 

Savings plan

Users can set specific savings goals within the app, such as saving for a vacation, a new car, or an emergency fund. Cowry-Wise often allows users to automate regular contributions to their savings goals, making it easier to save consistently. Also, users can typically track their savings progress and view how close they are to achieving their goals.  

The app also offers group savings features, allowing users to form savings circles or groups with friends, family, or colleagues. Members of a group can make contributions toward a shared savings goal, making it easier to achieve financial objectives collectively. Users can typically view the progress of the group savings goal and track contributions from all members. 

Investment plans

Cowry-Wise often provides a range of investment opportunities, including mutual funds, government bonds, and other investment vehicles. The various investments offered include: 

Mutual funds

Cowry-Wise often allows users to browse and select from a variety of mutual funds offered by different fund companies. These funds are managed by experienced fund managers who make investment decisions on behalf of investors. 

Halal funds

Cowry-wise also offers Shariah-compliant investments that adhere to Islamic finance principles. Halal investments typically avoid businesses involved in activities such as alcohol, gambling, and interest-based transactions. 

Cowrywise interest rates 

Cowry-wise returns around 10-15% just like other savings and investment apps. However, its mutual funds may return over 30%, higher than the average of what you will get from other investment apps. 

Why does Cowrywise stand 

A holistic approach to financial management: Compared to most investment management apps, Cowrywise stands out because of its holistic approach to finance. It is not just a savings and investment platform; it is your financial lifestyle manager. It also provides financial education and tips to stay on the money. 

Features CowryWiseRiseVest PiggyVest 
Dollar investments yes yes yes 
Savings and Investments yes yes yes 
ETFs and Mutual Funds yes no no 

Developer friendly

Elevating its services to a global scale, Cowrywise has decided to open up its APIs to aid fund managers worldwide in accessing a wide array of services. This strategic move aims to expand investment options and enhance the financial offerings available to better serve customers in Nigeria. 

With a robust developer experience, these financial APIs are not exclusively reserved for fintech companies; they are open for integration by any organization looking to incorporate investment features into their products.

By doing so, these investment APIs simplify the complexities associated with regulatory compliance and technical challenges. For those eager to participate in this innovative initiative, early access is available by checking out the Embed API section. 

CowryWise’s vision extends beyond merely providing retail investors with access to credible investment opportunities. The company is actively constructing a robust investment management infrastructure, enabling any organization to seamlessly integrate investment features into its existing services. This endeavor reflects Cowrywise’s commitment to democratizing access to financial products and services. 

Access to top fund managers  

Cowrywise has a network of the top fund managers in the Nigerian Market. You can access funds from ARM, Vetiva, United Capital, Lotusbank, and many more. The company is the only one in Nigeria that allows for this service. So, if opening a direct account with any of these fund managers proves difficult, you may choose to access them Cowrywise.

Competitive Interest rates 

Due to the availability of mutual funds on its platform, interest rates of up to 30% can be obtainable. This is higher than the average of its peers. However, it is important to note that interest rates on mutual funds are volatile and may change from time to time. 

Interest rates CowryWise PiggyVest 
Highest rate obtainable  10-15%  10-15.5% 
up to 25% on investing  Up to 30% on Mutual funds  up to 25% on investify  
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The Verdict

Cowry-Wise is undoubtedly making strides in bringing innovative financial solutions to the Nigerian market. Its user-friendly interface, savings and investment options, and personalized financial advice set it apart in the realm of personal finance apps. However, like any financial tool, it’s essential to evaluate whether it aligns with your specific financial goals and requirements. 


What is Cowrywise, and what does it offer?

CowryWise is a financial management app designed to help users manage their finances, save money, invest, and access loans. It offers budgeting tools, savings goals, investment opportunities in mutual funds and government bonds, personalized financial advice, and access to loans. 

Can I invest in Cowrywise?

Cowry-Wise offers investment opportunities in mutual funds and government bonds. Users can invest through the app’s platform, making it accessible for those looking to grow their wealth through investments. 

Can I access educational resources on financial topics through Cowrywise?

Yes, Cowry-Wise provides educational content to help users enhance their financial literacy. The content covers various financial topics, including investment strategies, risk management, and financial planning.

Does CBN recognize Cowrywise?

Yes the CBN issued a license for Cowrywise to operate. Also, the investments offered on the platform consist of financial instruments issued and backed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, as well as the DMO. 

Is there a minimum investment requirement to start using Cowry-Wise for investments?

The minimum investment requirement can vary depending on the specific mutual funds or investment options available on CowryWise.  

Can I withdraw my investments or savings from Cowry-Wise at any time?

In most cases, users can withdraw their investments or savings from Cowry-Wise. It’s essential to understand the withdrawal process and any associated fees or penalties.

In most cases, users can withdraw their investments or savings from Cowry-Wise. It’s essential to understand the withdrawal process and any associated fees or penalties. 

Does Cowryeise provide customer support, and how can I contact them for assistance? 

Cowry-Wise offers customer support channels, which include email, chat support, and a customer support hotline. Users can reach out to their support team for assistance with any questions or issues they may encounter while using the app. 

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