UBA Senior Citizens Loan

UBA Senior Citizens Loan

UBA Senior Citizens Loan

As individuals enter their golden years, financial needs and circumstances often evolve, giving rise to unique challenges and opportunities. Senior citizens, with a wealth of experience and a lifetime of contributions, may find themselves in need of financial support for various reasons, be it medical expenses, home renovations, or simply to enhance their quality of life. In such cases, Senior Citizens Loans can play a crucial role in providing the necessary financial assistance. One of many companies that offer financial assistance in the form of loans to the elderly is UBA, through their senior citizen’s loan. In this article, we will inform you everything you need to know about the UBA senior citizens loan.

Retirees will likely have a hard time getting loans from the regular loan apps in Nigeria.

What Are Senior Citizens’ Loans

Senior Citizens Loans, often tailored for individuals aged 60 and above, are financial products designed to address the specific needs of the elderly. These loans come in various forms, including personal loans, or home equity loans, each serving different purposes.

United Bank for Africa (UBA), recognizing the unique financial needs of senior citizens, offers a specialized product known as the Senior Citizens Loan. This financial solution is designed to empower individuals in their golden years with flexible and tailored assistance. Here is everything you need to know about the loan

Benefits of Senior Citizen Loans

Accessing senior citizens’ loans can bring various benefits to individuals in their retirement years. Here are some potential advantages:

Financial Flexibility: Senior citizen’s loans provide financial flexibility, allowing individuals to address specific needs or pursue opportunities without depleting their savings.

Healthcare Expenses: As healthcare costs often increase with age, a senior citizen loan can assist in covering unexpected medical expenses or funding health and wellness initiatives.

Debt Consolidation: Seniors may use the loan to consolidate existing debts, simplifying financial management and potentially reducing overall interest payments.

Investment Opportunities: Some seniors may choose to use the loan for investment purposes, exploring opportunities that align with their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Emergency Fund: The loan can serve as an emergency fund, providing a financial buffer for unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

Senior Citizen Loan and Other Types of Loans

Age Eligibility: Designed for individuals aged 60 and above.

Retirement Income Recognition: Unlike other loans, this loan considers the specific income sources retirees rely on, like pensions and retirement benefits.

Borrowing Flexibility: Understanding that retirees have diverse financial priorities, these loans offer repayment flexibility. Whether it’s a longer tenure or a customized schedule, it’s designed to fit into the nuances of post-retirement life.

Senior-Friendly Interest Rates: The interest rates are structured with seniors in mind, offering potentially more favourable terms.

Collateral Consideration: The collateral requirements are often flexible, understanding that the assets and priorities of retirees might differ from those still in the workforce.

Lower Loan Amounts: Recognizing the transition to a fixed income, these loans often come with respectful maximum amounts, ensuring they align with the financial capacity of retirees.

What is UBA’s Senior Citizens Loan

UBA’s Senior Citizens Loan is a financial product crafted specifically for pensioners aged 50 to 75 years. It provides a means for senior citizens to access funds for various purposes, offering financial freedom during retirement.

Features and Benefits of UBA Senior Citizen Loans

  • Convenient repayment period of 36 months
  • Attractive interest rate (the interest rate will be on floating terms subject to changes in money market conditions, for the period of the loan)
  • The maximum loan amount is N15 million
  • One-off management fee of 1%
  • Credit Life Insurance – 1.6% covering Death, Permanent disability and Critical

Requirements of UBA Senior Citizen Loans

  • A functional UBA account
  • A pension Identification number
  • 3-months consistent pension remittance through UBA
  • The minimum net pension fund should not be less than N100,000 monthly
  • The age limit for customers is 50-75 years
  • A valid Nigerian ID (Drivers licence, International passport, NIMC, Voters card)

How to Apply for a UBA Senior Citizen Loan

  • Submit a completed loan application form along with other required documents at any UBA branch nationwide.
  • Sign an offer letter detailing the loan terms and Conditions
  • The loan amount will be disbursed into the Customer’s UBA account.

Final Thoughts

UBA’s Senior Citizens Loan is a thoughtful financial product catering to the unique needs of seniors. By offering tailored solutions for individuals aged 57 and above, the bank demonstrates a commitment to financial inclusivity and empowerment. The flexibility in repayment options, competitive interest rates, and recognition of various income sources, including pensions, add to its appeal.


Can non-pensioners get a senior citizens loan from UBA?

No, UBA only provides senior citizens loans to pensioners.

What is the minimum pension allowance required for loan eligibility?

A minimum pension allowance of N100,000 is required.

The maximum loan tenure is 36 months.

What is the maximum loan tenor available?

Is there an age limit for this product?

Yes, applicants should be within the age range of 50 to 75 years old.

Do I need any documents from my Pension Fund Administrator (PFA)?

Yes, you need to provide your most recent statement of account from your PFA.

How can I initiate the loan application process?

To begin the loan application process, visit the nearest UBA branch and make your loan request.

Is having an account with UBA a prerequisite for accessing the loan?

Yes, having a UBA account is a requirement to qualify for the loan.

Must my pension allowance come through a UBA account?

Yes, eligibility for UBA’s Pensioner Loan requires that your pension allowance is deposited into a UBA account.

My pension is paid into another Bank, how do I benefit from this loan product?

If your pension is currently paid into another bank, you can benefit from UBA’s loan product by instructing your Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) to change the domiciliation of your allowance to UBA. Once the domiciliation is verified and remains consistent for a minimum of 3 months, you become eligible to access the loan product.

What is the interest rate on the UBA senior citizens loan?

Interest rates are personally negotiated with the bank

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